International Schools Group (ISG)

School Nurse

Notes from the Nurse's Office


School environments need to be free from dangerous infectious diseases. At the time of application for admission to a school, the parent must provide a written history of the child’s vaccinations and inoculations. Any time those inoculations and/or vaccinations for infectious diseases are required to protect the health of students and staff, the administration will institute appropriate action to ensure compliance.

At the time of initial enrolment, parents are required to submit acceptable written documentation of their child’s immunization records. The school nurse will review documentation records and advise parents of remaining compulsory vaccinations and inoculations. The age of the child and the previous vaccinations and inoculations will be taken into account. If records have not been provided within the said 45 calendar day period, the parents will be notified of non-compliance with policy (#2065) and exclusion of their child from school will follow until required documentation of immunizations and inoculations are provided to the Site Administrator.

Board policy #2065 applies to all students seeking admission at any of the district schools. Additionally, children attending ISG operated nurseries will be required to comply with this policy.

Vaccinations and Inoculations





Four (4) inoculations including a preschool inoculation between ages 4-6 years.

A fifth (5) inoculation may be recommended, if needed.



Rubella (German Measles)

Two inoculations
Tuberculosis (BCG or recent Skin test)    BCG vaccine or TB skin test within the last year.
Meningoccocal - meningitis One (1) within the last five (5) years prior to enrolling and every subsequent five (5) years