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Key Stage 1

Photo Gallery 2013-2014

Year 1 Red Activities

Year 1 Red: Tadpole Rag and Caterpillar Boogie Performances


Year 2 Blue Sunhats

Year 2 Blue designed and made sunhats whilst studying their Seaside topic. Gallery

Year 2 Yellow Class Assembly

"We are all different, but when we work together we things done!"

Take a look at our class assembly photos, we hope you enjoy them. We had lots of fun telling everyone about ourselves and where we are from. It is so amazing to know that we are all different from different countries, all over the world. We worked really hard pulling the enormous carrot out of the ground, but using muscles and working together we pulled it out. - Mrs Karen Matani. Gallery






2011-2012 Photo Archives

  • Year 1 Blue Open Morning Gallery
  • Year 1 Yellow Natural Material ArtworkYear 1 Yellow investigated the work of artist and sculptor Andy Goldsworthy who works with natural materials. We collected natural materials and used them to make our own works of art. We hope you enjoy looking at them. Gallery.
  • Year 2 Red 'Shields and Puppets'Gallery
  • Year 2 Blu 'Investigate'Year 2 Blu investigates on how the properties of materials change when they are cooled or heated. They froze colored water balloons to carry out lots of experiment. Gallery
  • Year 1 Blu's 'Rainbow connection'Gallery
  • Year 1 Blu's Maths Investigation: Exploring Shadows and LightsGallery
  • Year 1 Yellow Class Assembly: On Monday, 4th March, the children in 1 Yellow performed their class assembly. It was all about seeds, plants and growing. There was a lot of information, some songs, rhymes and poems. The children were happy to see their parents and displayed their wonderful paintings of 'Sunflowers', inspired by Vincent Van Gogh. Gallery
  • Year 2 Visit to Sara Village Compound: On Wednesday, 27th February 2013, we visited Sara Village Compound. We looked at different people in the community who help us e.g. firemen, community patrol officers (police), travel agents, paramedics, guards, cooks, waiters etc. We also looked at the recycling centres around the compound. There was so much to see and do! In the afternoon we got to go bowling. It was fun finishing off a busy day with yummy food and ice cream! A VERY BIG THANK YOU to Ms. Eileen for organising the trip for us! - Year 2 Red. Gallery Gallery2
  • Year 2 Red and Year 2 Blue visit Pizza Inn: As an exciting part of the work on pizzas in Design Technology and on the food pyramid in Science, the year two children visited Pizza Inn. The children had a fantastic opportunity to spend time in the kitchen at Pizza Inn and observe the dough being prepared for the pizza bases. The staff at Pizza Inn also reminded the children of important kitchen and food preparation rules. Here are some photos for you to enjoy.
  • Year 2 Yellow in the Computer Lab Gallery
  • Year 1 Blue's Chinese New Year Celebration - 13th Feb. 2013 Gallery
  • Year 1 Red - Dr. Who? Gallery
  • Happy Birthday, Layla - Year 1 Red Gallery


2011-2012 Photo Archives

  • Year 1 Homes Expo. Gallery
  • Year 1 Red - Cake Day. Gallery
  • Year 1 Red - Queen Jubilee Day. Gallery
  • Year 1 Red - Computer Activity "Times Table Tunes." Gallery
  • Fun in Foundation Stage 2 - Blue. Gallery
  • A Treasure of Memories, Foundation Stage 2 - Red. Gallery
  • Year 1 Red in action. Gallery
  • Year 1 Yellow just want to have fun. Gallery
  • Year 1 & 2 at the Amusement Park. Gallery
  • Dress Up Day. Gallery