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Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Center

The library at the Dhahran British Grammar School is housed in an impressive facility and has a collection of over one hundred thousand items.

Features include:

  • Fiction & Dewey sections updated annually with current literature.
  • Includes an extensive Reference Section that is also updated annually.
  • A complete Internet   Research Lab housing 30 PC’s, printers & scanners.
  • An impressive magazine section with subscriptions to over 100 publications.
  • Video/DVD collection of over 3000 items.

Our library is known as the “Learning Resource Center” and provides services to anchor our instructional activities to the essential elements of what we expect our students to know at their appropriate Key Stage levels when dealing with information literacy.

Our LRC-library specialists provide instruction, support, and reinforcement to students, in collaboration with classroom teachers, through the vast amounts of information literacy and information resources we have at our disposal. Our major emphasis here is on equipping students with the knowledge to access, evaluate, manage, and communicate ideas and information gained; whether obtained off the internet, from print-resources, or by viewing audiovisual instructional materials.           
Dhahran-LRC library specialists ultimate goal is to guide students into becoming effective problem solvers. Study skills are taught that help develop and apply skills to locate and access information using print and non-print resources and to be able to evaluate and manage that information for a variety of purposes using appropriate technology. To be able to produce and communicate ideas and information using the variety of methods we have at our disposal.

The encouragement of reading for knowledge and pleasure is emphasized at the Dhahran-LRC, reinforcing positive attitudes within our students to foster lifelong learning. Encouraging students to recognize and experience the wide diversity of international literature available in the LRC.

Information literacy enables students to effectively interact with the rapidly expanding knowledge base.