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We are pleased to present a photographic record of our school and the work of our children.

Galleries 2012-2013

DBGS Art Show 2013

A gallery of photographs here, from 25th-26th May art show.

Year 7 House Challenge - Photographic themed Scavenger Hunt

There has been a varied programme of inter-house challenges throughout the year. The latest for March was a photo scavenger hunt where student had to take photos of various tasks around the school showing as much creativity as possible. Tasks included “the entire team in the air” and “a freeze frame shot of the team in an earthquake”. The teams enthusiastically completed the challenge tasks and these photos show a couple of the house teams in action.

Under 14 Girls SAIKAC Tournament

Venue: Aramco-Dhahran; Date: 13th-14th March 2013.... It took us a while to get onto Aramco for this event. The extra security meant that each child’s ID needed to be checked. This seemed to last hours. We eventually got to the pitches and found ourselves playing straight away against Aramco White. Great start for the girls with a steady 2 – 0 win. Big delay then until the next game at 2 p.m. We ended up getting a bit of a football lesson from the American International School of Jeddah. They had some awesome players. We were beaten comprehensively 4 – 0. Our girls could easily have let their heads go down after the previous result, but they rallied and produced two good performances to beat ISG DEMS and DAMMAM. So we ended the first day with 3 wins and one loss. Spirits good on the way home after a long day. Second placed in the group.

Next day was knockout time. We did not last very long. In our first game we did not play well and ended up losing 2 – 1 to AISR. Two very sloppy goals conceded meant it was an uphill task to pull it back. That’s it at these tournaments. Once you are beaten you are out. Played one last game against British International School of Jeddah. Hard fought and 0 – 0 at the end. We went to penalties and our girls kept their heads to triumph. A good end to the tournament. We calculated a fifth placed finish from ten teams taking part. Gallery

A very proud Under 14 Girls Coach! - David Bolton

The Middle East Maths Challenge - March 2013

The Middle East Math Challenge is designed for schools and students across the region to view maths in a different, more exciting, more competitive, more global and above all more engaging. Hundreds of thousands of students in schools and homes across the region will be battling to prove their mathematical prowess and be crowned No. 1. Dhahran British Grammar School year 7 students took part in The Middle East Maths Challenge -and to great success too, collecting over two thousands correct answers over the two days; a fantastic achievement! Congratulations to all our participants in this year’s event, we hope you had a great time and improved your maths skills, and enjoy competing online against other students in live, real-time 60 second mental arithmetic showdowns. Gallery

MUN Conference at DHS - March 2013

Five (5) students from DBGS took part at the Eastern Province MUN Conference at Dhahran High School on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th March. Great credit goes to Omar Zakieh, Sami Abdorabbo, Yazan Al-Madani, Alii Al-Saffar and Yousef Dupont who were part of a group of over 300 students, some of whom have over 3 years experience at international events.  Topics such as Human rights in Syria, Burmese genocide, conservation of the Jordan River and establishing new Millennium Development Goals were discussed.  Well done to our delegates. Click here for a few photographs. - Mr S. Irving

Construction of New School Building Update

Our new Senior School continues to take shape. Due for completion at the end of July 2013 it will provide us with new classrooms, Science Labs and IT Labs. Our Admin offices will also relocate to the new facility and it will become the new welcoming point for parents and visitors. The photos help to tell the story so far and once we are able to enter the building we will keep you updated on progress on the interior also. Gallery1, Gallery2, Gallery3

Animal Farm, the splendid Key Stage 3/4 Production

‘Animal Farm’, the 2013 DBGS Secondary School production (the first in over 10 years) came to a close Wednesday night, 27th February, and what a show it was! Although both Monday and Tuesday performances were terrific, a sense of relaxed concentration, a demonstrative audience, and three months of hard work came together to produce a truly memorable evening. There were so many moments during the show when it was hard to distinguish between actor, character or mask. What we saw instead were complete creations of subtle characterizations from everyone, and a sense of stage awareness that belied any theatrical inexperience. There is a saying in the theatre that goes ‘never work with kids or animals’. Well, ‘Animal Farm’ was the exception to the rule for sure, and I would like to thank all the performers once again for their commitment, enthusiasm, and patience, as well as a huge thank you for the special effort made by Petra Seimer, Sian Canning, Rana Fawaz, Hajer Ben-Ali, plus all the teachers and Year 9 students who gave up their free time to help out. – Jerry Flynn (Drama)

Sports Day at DBGS, 18th-20th Feb. 2013

Duke of Edinburgh - Thailand, 13th-21st Feb. 2013

The first day of the expedition was hiking in the Doi Pha Hom Phok National Park in jungle through caves and gorges and past waterfalls until we reached the camp at the Hot Springs. The students worked in teams, read maps and compasses to find the correct route. Gallery. Learning new skills and confidence courses at the Mae Kok village resort with our excellent instructor Stig. The students excelled at climbing and overcame fears of heights and popped balloons with arrows. Gallery1, Gallery2

Day 2 of the expedition was a 45-km cycle along quiet rural back roads of the Fang river valley followed by 5-7 km kayaking to the temple of Wat Prathert Sob Fang to camp in the mist beside the river. Gallery1, Gallery2

The third day was kayaking 20km along the Mae Kok river from the old temple of Wat Prathert Sob Fang to Pha Tai village. This was followed by a hike through the river valley to the Camp at the village of Pha Kwang. We also did make a campfire. Gallery

Expedition planning for the four day journey. This involved getting to grips with the equipment and techniques e.g. kayaks and getting back in after capsizing and preparing maps and bearings to follow through the jungle. Day four we hiked a few hours to a point where elephants met the group. We rode the elephants for the final 6 km section of the journey to the Karen village of Ruam Mit. From here we returned to Chiang Mai to finally shower! Gallery

Geodesic Domes - Year 9, 18th-19th Feb. 2013

Year 9 have been completing a maths project to make geodesic domes from newspaper. First, many sheets of newspaper were rolled to make the necesary struts then following the guidelines carefully, stuck together with many rolls of tape, to make the final structure. The students did an excellent job of completing the domes successfully. All 6 geodesic domes stood by themselves at the end and were generously donated to reception and nursery to be used as temporary play houses. Gallery1- from Mrs Chambers, Gallery2- from Mr Hepworth

ASA Cooking Club

ASA cooking meets on Tuesdays in the F building kitchen to cook up some delicious dishes. This week we made banana muffins which were heartily enjoyed by Jayden and the others. Several students are taking the classes as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award so the ultimate test will be if they can succesfully produce a meal for their family at the end. A few photographs here.

SAIKAC Model United Nations, 13th-14th Feb. 2013

DBGS took a small, but very able team of ladies to the forth SAIKAC Model United Nations conference at the American International School of Riyadh. We got off to a great start by finding the school quite quickly, something that is not common on visits to Riyadh. The conference hosted 6 schools with over 150 delegates. The topics discussed, ranged from media censorship, the Syrian crisis and harnessing nuclear energy safely. Temi Olukoko represented Cuba, Wilma Ewerhart represented Egypt, Gabriel de Paiva represented Luxembourg, Sarah Fleet represented Japan and Dina Aburas represented Saudi Arabia. As expected the girls were a credit to themselves and have a future in international politics. A special mention goes to Wilma, who won an outstanding delegate award in the General Assembly. Gallery

SAIKAC KS3/KS4 Cross Country Ras Tanura, 7th Feb. 2013

DBGS had the smallest team of runners by far. With no expectations, five out of our thirteen runners achieved a podium (1-5th place), plus a best of team finish average. Three girls were successfully graded for their GCSE. A great day. Thanks to Mrs Josephine Winwood for her support - Mr Mike Canning. Gallery

Billy No Buzz

Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One production; 4th-6th February, 2013. Gallery-Day One, Gallery-Day Two, Gallery-Day Three

Visit by the British Ambassador - 2nd February 2013

On Saturday we were delighted to welcome the British Ambassador, Sir John Jenkins, to DBGS. During his visit Sir John toured the facilities, visited classrooms and chatted with staff. There was even an opportunity to practise his basketball skills in the North Gym. We are very grateful to Sir John and his colleagues for taking time out of their busy schedule to visit our school and we look forward to welcoming them back in the hopefully not too distant future. Gallery

Year 10 & 11 Art Works

  • Year 10 Art and Design IGCSE Art; Theme: Work, Play, Rest. Gallery
  • Year 11 Art and Design IGCSE Art; Theme: Oil Painting Canvas. Gallery
  • Year 11 Mock Exam; Theme: Fairy Tales. Gallery

School Photographs

We are in the process of taking school photographs at the moment. They will be posted here as they become available. An order form will be sent out shortly. School Photographs

Year 5B learn to use their dictionaries



Y10 Art class, Mrs Ben Ali's art class, Art Exhibition

Key Stage 3 & 4 Inter-House Dodgeball


Year 2 Red and Year 2 Blue visit Pizza Inn

As an exciting part of the work on pizzas in Design Technology and on the food pyramid in Science, the year two children visited Pizza Inn. The children had a fantastic opportunity to spend time in the kitchen at Pizza Inn and observe the dough being prepared for the pizza bases. The staff at Pizza Inn also reminded the children of important kitchen and food preparation rules. Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Year 2 Yellow in the Computer Lab


Twenty Four Hour Drama

‘Phew…What a weekend!!!’ Daunting, stressful, intimidating – the yearly 24 Hour Drama. The ‘Phew…What a weekend!!!’ was, however, far less about fatigue than it was about the wonderful creative experience and fantastic time that was had by all who took part. Thirty eight students (from DBGS and IB) met Wednesday afternoon, 26th September, to start a journey of creative discovery they had no idea where it would lead them. All they knew was that at 7.00pm the following evening they would perform their work to a public audience. And there’s nothing like ‘we open tomorrow night’ to focus the mind, which helped galvanize our group from the start into a wonderful ensemble. The students’ enthusiasm was boundless, and a wealth of brilliant ideas flowed from the material presented to them. In all, the students created three separate thought-provoking plays, each skillfully presented. Every student made a telling contribution to both the process and final outcome. And, joining the students, were teachers and support staff who gave of their time to make the weekend a memorable experience, and I would like to thank them all for the ‘part’ they played (Petra Seimer, Nicholas Hardcastle, Ian Jones, and Muz Sohail). Thank you! - Jerry Flynn. Gallery

26 September 2012

A few KS2 photographs: Gallery

24 September 2012

A few photographs of Y10 Business Studies and Mrs Chapman's Year 2 class. Gallery

The First Three Weeks

A slide show of photographs from the first three weeks of this term. Photographs by Nick Hardcastle. Gallery

Galleries 2011-2012

Dhahran's Got Talent

Photographs by Nick Hardcastle Gallery

Key Stage 2 Prize Giving Ceremony


Prom 2012

Photographs by Ahmad Bushnak. Gallery

Prize Giving & Leavers' Ceremony

On 17 June we held our annual Key Stage 3 & 4 Prize Giving and Leavers' Ceremony. You can see a gallery of photographs here.

Students can download larger files for printing from here - two sizes are available, 10 inch 300 ppi images for printing and 1200 pixel, 72 ppi images for emailing/facebook. There are more photographs available at this link than in the gallery above. Dropbox link. Many thanks to Mrs Crumpton for taking the photographs.

Drama, Music and Art Exhibition

The Art Department of DBGS held a 'mind-blowing' event last 4th June 2012 in the Mini-Theatre. It was organized by Mrs. Rana Fawaz, Mrs. Sian Canning and Mr. Jerry Flynn. Please visit the gallery to see the works and performances of our talented Key Stage 3 and 4 students.

U14 SAIKAC Girls Basketball Tournament

Photographs from Under 14 Girls Basketball Tournament on May 9th-10th, 2012. Gallery

Year 2's Art Activities

  • Fruit and Vegetable Week began on 28th April 2012 and ended on 2nd May 2012. This activity raised awareness of the importance of fruit and vegetables as part of a balanced diet. The fruits and vegetables were cut up for the children to share at snack time, and they made fruit salads or smoothies as well. Gallery
  • The Great Fire of London comments from Y2 Red pupils here. A few photographs can be viewed at the Gallery.

U16 SAIKAC Boys and Girls Badminton Tournament

A few photographs from the Under 16 Badminton tournament. Gallery

IGCSE Exam 2012

For this year 2012, the IGCSE Art exam theme is “ Delicate." Student enjoyed this subject and it was challenging as each candidate presented their ideas in their own view that is suitable for this theme. The 10-hour exam went smoothly. Good luck to all the candidates. Gallery

Loreto School Kenya Charity Update

Click here to see the April 2012 charity update by: Mrs. Sophie McMahon. A letter from the Headteacher of Loreto Primary School is likewise attached. Visit the gallery to view the photos.

On the Move

Photographs from the recent Early Years Foundation and Key Stage One Production. Gallery

Spring Fair


Model United Nations

DBGS had 9 delegates, representing countries such as Colombia, Yemen, Chile and Afghanistan. They discussed a range of issues from reconstructing Lybia to intervention in Syria. Our delegates asked some very good questions and helped shape the resolutions. Gallery


On Wednesday 29 February members of the climbing club abseiled down the school's 22m high water tower in the middle of a sandstorm. The light became more orange as the afternoon went on! On a clear day you can see Bahrain from the tower. On Wednesday you could just about see the air base. Gallery

Geodesic Dome Project

Photographs from the recent maths department Geodesic Dome Project. Gallery

Year 2's Trip to Sunset Beach

The day dawned bright and sunny with a little chill in the air. Year 2 children were off to Sunset Beach for a day at the seaside. In Year 2 the children study a history/geography topic called The Seaside. They children learn about a typical English seaside now and in the olden days. As part of this unit we wanted to have a fun day at the beach. Thanks to Captain James Roy and Mrs. Eileen, a day was arranged and the children had a fantastic time paddling in the water, collecting shells, playing football, building sand castles, and eating ice-cream. It was fantastic fun and a great way to end our study of The Seaside. We would all like to thank the Sunset Beach staff and especially Captain Roy for looking after us. Gallery

Sun Hats

Over a period of a few weeks last year, the children in Year 2 were been busy designing and making their own sun hats. Firstly we look at our own hats, and then we designed the new ones on paper and labelled all the parts. Then with the help of Mrs. Eileen and Mrs. Sharon the children made their hats from paper mache. Once the paper mache was dry the children were able to decorate their hats according to their original design. Finally, we evaluated our designs and took them home. The hats are colourful and designed to keep the sun off our heads and ears. Maybe Paris Fashion week will be our next stop. Gallery

Year 9 ICT Magazine Cover Projects

Our Year 9 students developed their extra ordinary talent in using different software in ICT. They have been given six projects to complete in one year - in which they will be graded. One of the projects that they accomplished last term was designing a Magazine Cover. They were given five weeks to produce a professional design magazine using Microsoft Publisher. Gallery

Climbing Club

A few photographs from the KS2/3/4 climbing club on Tusday 28 February 2012. Gallery

Sports Days


A second gallery of photographs here.

Oman Expedition 2012

Students from Dhahran British Grammar School joined up with DBC students for a Bronze and Silver International Award for Young People expedition in the Western Hajar Mountains of Oman. Lots of photographs to come. Gallery 1 Gallery 2

Bookweek - KS2

Students dressed up as their favourite character from a book they have been reading. Gallery

Year 10 GCSE Artwork


Year 11 School Portraits

Gallery Prints will be available for purchase shortly.

Key Stage 3 Inter-house Football


International Award For Youth

Expedition to Al Asfar Lake. Gallery

Key Stage 4 End of Term Ice Skating and Bowling Trip


SAIKAK Under 16 Football Tournament, Aramco

Photographs from the event by David Bolton. Gallery

12 Days of Christmas

Photographs from the Key Stage 2 Production. Gallery

Year 5 Investigation


Key Stage 2 Climbing Club



Student photographs from a recent art field trip. Gallery

International Day Parade

Students in Key Stages 1 & 2 represented their country of origin by wearing national dress, costumes or football strips! Gallery


At Halloween our Key Stage 1 students wore fancy dress. There are a few photographs here. Gallery

International Award for Youth

Trekking and Camping in the Gunan Triangle. Gallery

In the Pink 2

Raising money for Breast Cancer Research. Gallery

Year 10 Business Studies Fieldtrip

Year 10 visited the new Burger Fuel restaurant next to Ikea in al Khobar today. They were given a tour of the new facility and some of the students got to cook their own burgers. The rest of the students sampled the burgers and fries. Gallery

Year 2 Visit to Pizza Inn

On 22 October 2011 students from Year 2 made a field trip to Pizza Inn. Gallery

Day walk to the Sand Spit

Key Stage 3 students, staff and parents walked to the Sand Spit at Half Moon Bay on Thursday 13 October. Photographs here.

Micheal McCarthy Workhop

On Monday 10 October Micheal McCarthy of the Cottage School of Music visited DBGS. He ran a series of brilliant workshops for Key Stage 2 and 3 students. Photographs here.

More details about the workshops can be found on the website:

24 Hour Drama - October 5 & 6 2011

Students spent just over 24 hours at school preparing a performance from scratch.

The Workshop: Flash, HTML

The Performance: Flash, HTML

Galleries 2010-2011

  • Prom 2011

A gallery of photographs from the Year 11 Prom. Click on the full screen icon for a full screen slide show. If you left click on an image you like, it shoul open in a new window (in Firefox at least), you will then be able to drag it to a folder, or save it (right click, save as). Year 11 can come and collect these and other photos from Mr H - bring your USB stick. Gallery

  • Key Stage 2 Production


  • Eddie the Penguin Saves the World

Photos of the Key Stage 1 Production: Gallery

Galleries 2008 - 2010

  • Loreto School visit - Kenya


  • Of Mice and Mozart


  • It Must Be Spring

The Foundation and Key Stage 1 production: Dress Rehearsal

  • Ski Trip 2010

Some photos from Mrs. Wade & Mr. Hardcastle

  • Victorian School Day


Galleries 2007 - 2008

We are pleased to present a photographic record of our school and the work of our children. The more recent galleries use Flash.

  • Everest Expedition Galleries - REPOSTED

For some reason the Everest Galleries I posted last week wouldn't work properly on Windows machines, so I have remade them. Your machine will still need a Flash player though. Your browser's back button should take you back to this page.

  • International Award for Youth

Bronze and Silver IA Award candidates spent 5 days in Oman on their expeditions. By popular request, if you left click on the large images they will open up in an html page and you can save them. Gallery

  • Thummamah Camp

No new photographs here, but a new gallery format. We are experimenting with a new technique to deliver our photo galleries. This gallery still uses Flash to display images, but if you click on an individual image it will open in a new browser window for saving or printing! Let us know what you think. Gallery

  • The Book Magician 2: yet more photos


  • The Book Magician 2: more photos

  1. Rehearsal 25 November 2007: Gallery
  2. The Cast - this is a large Zoomify image, you can zoom in and scroll around the image. Wait a few seconds and the image will get clearer.
  • The Book Magician 2

Photographs of the Key Stage 2 production rehearsals. Gallery

  • Amsterdam Berlin 2007



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