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Galleries 2013-2014

Life at DBGS is always busy and exciting. Here you will find a photographic record of the many events that our students take part in over the course of the year.

24 Hour drama performance, october 6 2011

Key Stage 3/4 Prize Giving and Year 11 Leaving Ceremony


Art Show


Prom 2014


Shakespeare premieres 'The Tempest' at DBGS


Years 8 and 10 Try ICEBox

DBGS students have been the first to try out the new ISG Dhahran 'ICEBox'; a creative, minimalist learning zone. ICE stands for Innovate, Create, Explore, and its aim is to offer students and teachers a unique learning environment, similar to that used by global companies. It is already creating a buzz amongst the students, eager to try it out for themselves. As our photos reflect, our Year 10s and 8s enjoyed being able to put their thoughts and ideas onto the walls; great evidence of the 'Learning 2 Learn' initiative adopted throughout DBGS.

Year 7 Inter-house Competition: Fash Trash

Our most recent Year 7 inter-house competition was aptly named 'Fash Trash'. Students were given the challenge of creating a wedding outfit for both bride and groom using only newspapers, bin bags and other pieces of rubbish they had collected. The results were certainly imaginative, especially the shoes and bouquets. Here are the completed outfits.

April 2014 Loreto School Kenya Charity Update

The photos show how the money raised in 2013 was spent on building both a new kitchen and a dining room. Monies raised from this year's Walkhaton will be spent on extending the school meals provision, medical supply restock and to providing school uniforms for those students most in need. Click here to see an update from Mrs Sophie McMahon.

EYFS/KS1 Production: "Tadpole Rag and Caterpillar Boogie"

Gallery1-Production, Gallery2-Rehearsal and Behind the Scenes

KS3/4 Sports Day


BSME Under 11 Saudi Games


Duke of Edinburgh's International Award: Oman Expedition 2014


Year 9's Geodesic Dome Project: Feb 18-20

Last week the Year 9 were split into teams to build 6 geodesic domes. Practical maths in action. Each team set up a production line and made the necessary struts from newspaper ready for the construction. Then the fun began, starting with a 10-sided decagon star the structure was slowly build up with copious amounts of tape until the final “pentagon star roof” was put in place. All the teams were successful in completing a dome which were then donated to the nursery for the children to play house with. Thanks to Mrs Chambers for leading this project and to both Mr Hepworth and Mrs Merza for their assistance. Some photographs here, taken by Mr Hepworth.

New DBGS Buildings for KS1 & KS3/4

The start of this term has seen the completion of our two new buildings here at DBGS. The classes moved in to the new Early Years building in early January and have begun the task of turning it in to a wonderful learning environment for the young children. Our Senior School students have been moving in gradually in recent weeks with only Science, ICT and some Administrative staff waiting to occupy their new rooms. It is our intention to officially invite parents to an Open Morning in both buildings so that you can see the wonderful facilities. This will take place before the Spring Break. Gallery1-KS1, Gallery2-KS3/4

Year 7 DBGS Science Fair Inquiry-based Learning

After weeks of hard work, which included planning, recording, analysing and concluding, the Year 7 students finally presented their Science projects to the ISG community. Judges from DEMS and DBGS, including our very own Year 10 and 11 students, declared the winners to be Zoya Kosandar and Phillipa Sanders for their investigation of 'how different ingredients affected the production of gas by yeast.' The second prize went to Yasmin Abdel Salam and Ruby Halls for 'investigating the effect of colour and scent on burning candles', while the third prize went to Victoria Smith who investigated 'how surface area affected flying paper.' All the students spent the whole day proudly explaining their projects and answering questions to visitors, who included their parents, ISG students and judges. Although this was the first time that we have held a Science Fair, the standard was impressive, with each project demonstrating scientific methodology, creativity and independent learning. The Science Fair was clearly a great example of inquiry-based learning. A huge thanks to all the Year 7 parents and the ISG community for supporting this worthwhile and important learning experience. Gallery

Duke of Edinburgh: Thumbrock, 5-7 Dec 2013


Year 8 Rocket Week - December 2013

At the end of the autumn term, Year 8 maths classes took part in a rocket project. The brief was, in a team of four, to build a water bottle rocket. Each team had a manager, financial controller, designer and builder who had to design, cost, build and launch a water bottle rocket on a fixed budget. The overall winners with 107 points were the Mathstronaut team of Alia Rashwan, Dominic Fieldhouse, Meghan Longden and Daraab Khan. Gallery.

Some comments from Year 8’s reflection were:

  • It was great fun and a nice experience to be working with different people.
  • The rocket project was interesting and the team work was great.
  • I would change the position of the fins and use more tape.
  • I think it was very interesting and tested our skill.
  • We needed to be more out there and risky with our ideas.
  • It was better than normal math.
  • It helped us realise that working with people can be difficult yet it was a great experience.
  • I enjoyed our project because it helped with our maths and was fun as well as challenging. We had to multi task different things for the few days that we worked on it and as a group we had to work together to make sure everything went well.

Smallpeice Trust

If your child enjoyed the rocket project and is interested in similar activities then look at these summer residential courses provided by the Smallpeice Trust in the UK. They are based at some of the country's leading universities across the country and are available to young people in school years 8 -12. This isn't stuffy, dull classroom work - in fact, many students tell us how intriguing, inspiring and surprising they found their event. Mrs Chambers went, too, as a supervisor and will tell you more if you ask her. Student's Video

Nepal Trip 2013

What can we say about the trip?

  • Student-challengers:
    Annabel Walsh – It was outstanding!
    François Human – I loved the trip because it was beautiful.
    Olivia Pollard – It’s an experience I’ll never forget!
    Samuel Saragoussi – I loved it!
    Dominique Leavitt – It was amazing and I want to come back next year!
    Jonathan Mills – The trip was amazing!
    Ashleigh Kirby – It was amazing and really fun!
    Ahmed Khan – Best trip ever!
    Kayleigh Hugo – Awesome! It was so much fun I will never forget!
    Ali Al Jishi – I enjoyed it. I have no regrets and I tried everything.
    Emily Wissinger – It was an amazing experience, super fun, and will never forget!
    Alexander Petsas – I had a great experience in Nepal, and I achieved things that I never knew I could.
    Meghan Longden – I love it here!
    Robert Appleby – I had such an amazing and fun time especially on the hike on the way down the mountain. “Wow, tiger!"
    Katrina Petsas – One of the best experiences of my life so far!
    Mohamad Al Mustafa – This was one of the best overseas trips I’ve ever had and it’s an experience I won’t forget.
  • School Trip Leaders:
    Mrs Novie Dela Cruz – Great team, great experience, great trip indeed! Thank you so much, DBGS and World Challenge, for this wonderful opportunity.
    Mr Willie Green – Thank you, Nepal, for another amazing adventure.
  • World Challenge Expedition Leader:
    Graeme Adkin – a fantastic week with a fantastic group. Thank you Nepal and DBGS.

Gallery-Day1, Gallery-Day2, Gallery-Day3, Gallery-Day4, Gallery-Day5, Gallery-Day6, Gallery-Day7

Duke of Edinburgh: Gunam Triangle, 14-16 Nov 2013


Volleyball Tournament


KS3/4 Pink Halloween Day


Sunday ASA Cooking Club

The Sunday ASA Cooking class prepared for Hallowe'en by making a gingerbread skeleton. Special thanks to IB CAS students, Sophie Green and Anita Killen, for their hard work with this group. Gallery

Duke of Edinburgh Boot Camp

A gallery of photographs from D of E Training Camp held last 3-4 October 2013 at the ISG campus.

2nd BSME Debating Tournament - Bahrain

DBGS Debating Teams reached the quarter final and final of the 2nd BSME Inter-School Debating competition held on 3rd-5th October at St. Christopher's School, Bahrain. Gallery

House Dodgeball

On Thursday, 3rd October, we held the first Key Stage 3/4 House Competition: dodgeball. Red House won! A few pictures in the gallery here.

Edexcel IGCSE Art and Design 2013

KS4 students got the opportunity to meet and interview the artists, Hassan al-Mulla (print making) and Abdulrahman Al-Mutawa (abstract and collage art), when they paid a visit to Desert Design on 12th September 2013. The students joined the artists in print making workshop as supervised by Mrs Rana Fawaz and Hajer Ben Ali. Everyone had a good time looking and knowing the different art cultures. Gallery

24 Hour Drama

Photographs from the 24 Hour Drama event held last 27th-28th September 2013. Gallery









Galleries from previous years are available here.