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Editor's Comment

Message from the Editor

Welcome to the first edition of the DBGS E-zine. We hope you enjoy reading through it and hopefully in some way it’s going to improve your life, whether that’s helping you get by on your trip to Indonesia, inspire your next holiday destination or make you step inside the kitchen to impress any visitors this winter with a marvelous festive cake.

When I first proposed the idea to the children in Key Stage 2, I had plenty of ideas for articles and thought that I was going to have to designate these to the few children who showed up. It transpired that they already had plenty of their own ideas and were ready with their pens and pads like a set of real journalists.

We’d like to thank Mrs Novie Dela Cruz for helping to set up the magazine online and it was interesting for a couple of the journalists to see how this process works. Hopefully, leading into the summer edition there will be even more articles and it might not even be me making the introduction, but rather one of the team taking over such duties.

Alas, I shouldn’t be taking up any more of your time. Enjoy.

Mr Leon Clarke

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