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Healthy Lunch Boxes

The PVG Guide to Healthy Packed Lunches

As parents we want our children to be happy and healthy as they grow up. We also want them to do well at school and to prepare them for the future. Many studies have shown that children who have a good breakfast and a healthy filling lunch are able to concentrate more in lessons than those who don’t. However, as parents we also know that some children are fussy eaters, many are drawn to sugary and fatty foods and it can be a struggle to think of healthy and interesting things to put into lunch boxes. These pages are designed to share tips, suggestions and recipes to help you think of varied and healthy combinations to put in your child’s packed lunch.

Click on a link to go directly to the sections you are interested in. The tips and guidelines section has lots of useful hints and ideas for putting an interesting lunch together. For suggestions on how much food to put in the lunchbox and how to keep it varied see count to five for each child which has a huge variety of ideas by food type. The DBGS Year 8 and 10 students have been busy in their PSHEE* lessons and have suggested a large number of lunch box combinations, including many for active and sporty students who need extra calories. We also have a section with easy to follow recipes for rice and pasta dishes, salads, wraps, sandwiches and sweet treats. To finish off, why not try some of these smoothies, created and tested by Year 7.

If you have favourite recipes or tips to share then please email us at and we will add them to this page. The ideas here are a combination of personal experiences, the work done by Year 7, 8 and 10 PSHEE students led by Cheryl Rutten and information from , , Australian Women’s Weekly ‘Kid’s Lunches’ / ‘Good Food’, Hamlyn ‘200 Recipes for Kids’ and




*PSHEE stands for Personal, Social, Health Education and Economics


The PVG is a group of interested parents who help the school with a range of activities throughout the year. These include (but are not restricted to) the School walkathon, a ‘seasonal’ visitor event and last, but certainly not least, the Annual Spring Fair. It has also been instrumental in promoting a recycling programme at school. The PVG is looking for parents who would like to help in promoting and running these events. Meetings take place in school time sometimes in school and often in outside venues.

The PVG is a great way to get involved in school in activities which truly benefit all the children. It is a friendly group and time commitment is determined by individual preference. Some parents like to help in many things others in particular events. Whatever commitment you can offer would be very welcome !Dhahran British Grammar School PVG
Head Teacher