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Key Stage 4 Overview

The (I)GCSE Programme

Dhahran British Grammar School follows the (I)GCSE programme from Cambridge International Examinations and Edexcel. You can find links to the syllabuses and subject pages, as well as past results below.

Key Stage 4 students can opt to do climbing either as a sport or as part of their GCSE PE course.

Introduction to the GCSE Programme

The GCSE programme of study is followed in Years 10 and 11.

All students study English language and literature, mathematics and at least two sciences. Additionally students take four electives, the choice of which includes art, business studies, French, Arabic, design technology, information technology, geography, economics and history. The GCSE programme takes two years and is assessed by external examinations held at the school at the end of Year 11.

A fast track maths programme is run for the top set in Year 10 with the aim of taking the examinaton in June of Year 10. In Year 11 these students follow an additional maths examination programme. All other students follow a regular KS4 maths programme.

The school is registered examination centre for Cambridge International and Edexcel.

Syllabuses for examination in 2013

You can download the (I)GCSE syllabuses from the links below. If you would like to download one large document with all the syllabuses you can do so here Syllabuses 2012 (warning - large file - 22 Mb)


Maths 0580

Business Studies 0450

Economics 0455

French 0520

Geography 0460


Arabic 2AR01

Art AFA0

Biology 4B10

Chemistry 4CH0

Design technology 2RM01

Drama 2DR01

History 4H10


Music 2MU01

PE 2PE01

Physics 4PH0

Science 2101

Additional science 2103

English Language (4EAO)

English Literature (4ETO)