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School Nurse

Notes from the nurse's office

H1N1, Influenza A or Swine Flu

Learn about H1N1. Read More


Eating a healthy lunch - some suggestions for a great lunchbox. Read More


Yes, backpacks are great, but you do need to take a bit of care or they could be dangerous. Read more

What is a cold?

A cold is an infection of the upper respiratory system.  This just means it affects the nose, throat and ears.  There are over 200 viruses that cause colds.  The rhinovirus is the most common cold virus. Read more

Swimmer’s ear

The skin lining the ear canal has a thin coat of wax.  This is to protect the very thin sensitive skin from stuff that can get into it. Read more

Breakfast – a great way to start the day!

Why is breakfast important? What you eat is turned into energy by your body. If you don’t eat when you first get up, then your store of energy is low and you can’t think or work as well and your stomach keeps letting you know that it is waiting for food. By the time morning break comes along you are ‘starving’. Read more


As a condition for attendance, ISG requires that children be immunized against certain diseases. Read more


The brain is made up of soft tissue and is cushioned by blood and spinal fluid. Read more

Head Lice

What are they? What are the signs and symptoms?. Read more

Illnesses and Attendance

Children need to be healthy to learn. Read more

Sun Safe

People of all skin types and of all ages need to protect their skin from the sun to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Be sun smart. Read more