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Admissions Procedure

Registration Information for the 2017/2018 School Year



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In this section you will find information on:

1. How to Register?

2. Which class is my child eligible to join?

3. What documentation do I need to register?

4. Submitting instructions

5. Assessments and decision making



1. How to Register?

1.1 When?
DBGS will be accepting applications for registration during the times detailed below.  



Saturday 4th February 2017

8:00am to 2:30pm

Sunday 5th February 2017

8:00am to 3:30pm

Monday 6th February 2017

8:00am to 2:30pm

Sunday 12th February 2017

10:00am to 2:00pm

Monday 13th February 2017

10:00am to 2:00pm
4.00pm to 5:00pm

Tuesday 21st February 2017

10:00am to 2:00pm

Wednesday 22nd February 2017

10:00am to 2:00pm

Thursday 23rd February 2017

10:00am to 2:00pm

1.2 Where?
Please submit your application, by hand, to the admissions team who will be in the Community Rooms located in the Auditorium.  Please click here to access the ISG campus map.

You will be required to show valid photographic ID to the ISG security team to gain access to the campus. Once through security, please follow signs for the AUDITORIUM.

We are not able to accept applications electronically.

2. Which Year Group do I apply for my child/children?

DBGS places students in age appropriate classes. Please use the DBGS age matrix to calculate your child’s year of entry at DBGS for the 2017/2018 school year. Children who have been placed out of age appropriate classes at previous schools will not automatically have that placement honoured.

Please click here to access the 2017/18 DBGS Age Matrix.

3. What documentation do I need to register my child/children?

Listed below are all the documents that must be submitted to complete registration. 

3.1 Application Form: One application form per child is required and must be completed, signed and submitted by admissions close on Thursday 23rd February 2017. Please click here to access the ISG application form. Late applications will NOT be accepted.

3.2 Application Fee: Enclose the non­refundable application fee of SAR500 per student with your application. This fee will be used to review your child’s application and to defray the cost of any further assessments and interviews that may be conducted for that academic year. Please note that DBGS will only accept a cash payment.

3.3 (a) Non- Aramco School Student Transfers
Report Cards/Grade Reports/Transcripts:
Two, most recent, school report cards which must be translated into English.

Please note that students who are UK or USA passport holders do NOT require their report cards to be attested.

Please note that students transferring from another ISG school do NOT need their report cards attested.

For students applying for Year 3 and above, who are transferring from a school abroad (Non UK/USA passport holders):

  • Two, most recent, copies of the student's report card or transcript from the last school attended.
  • The report cards must be authenticated in the country where the school is located

For students applying for Year 3 and above, transferring from an In-Kingdom school (Non UK/USA passport holders):

  • Two, most recent, copies of the student's report card or transcript from the last school attended.
  • The documents must be attested by the Foreign Education Department within the area the school is located.

3.3(b) Students transferring from Aramco Schools (Applying for Year 3 and above)
The Ministry of Education (MOE) has informed DBGS that students transferring from an Aramco school must receive an ‘approval to transfer’ letter which is issued by the MOE.

We are currently able to accept your child/children’s application without this letter, but please be aware that if your child/children are successful in gaining a seat offer at DBGS, enrollment cannot be completed without MOE approval.  It is the parent’s responsibility to gain MOE approval. The MOE can change their requirements at any time, which may impact the application process.

 3.4 One copy of the father’s and student’s passport and iqama. If you or your child does not have an iqama, only passport copies are required.

3.5 A-Level form: For A-Level applicants, a reference request will be sent directly by DBGS to their current school. Please complete and submit the External Applicants A-Level form. Please click here to access the form.

3.6 Resource/Special Education Student Information: If applicable, detailed information of additional educational or emotional support that your child has received must be provided on all forms. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Copies of all diagnostic test reports and results, such as an individualised education programme (IEP) or a learning support profile
  • Medical information related to your child's learning
  • Notes on speech therapy and other therapeutic support
  • Recommendations from specialists for future support
Without this complete set of information the school cannot make the appropriate educational choices for your child. ISG's goal is to provide a programme that is an optimal match between your child's individual educational needs and the support services available at the school. ISG school programmes, in compliance with the administration of school policy, are not designed to meet the instructional needs of students with complex learning, language or emotional/behavioural difficulties.

4. Submitting instructions:

Please submit all required documents by hand to the admissions team in the auditorium, along with the SAR500 application fee in cash. Be sure to review each form for completeness and for the required signatures. DBGS will NOT accept incomplete applications.

5. Assessments and Decision Making

5.1 Assessments
Depending on the availability of spaces in each year group, your child may or may not be invited to sit an assessment test. Assessments are scheduled to take place during March and April
The assessment has several components, dependent on your child’s age.

Testing may include the following:

1. Standardised assessment: English language skills and mathematics assessment
2. Writing samples
3. Child and/or parent interviews
4. Observation of child in a classroom

If your child is not invited to sit an assessment, the application will remain on file throughout the academic year (to which he/she has applied).
Waiting lists are reset on a yearly basis and applications are not automatically transferred to the following academic year.

5.2 Admissions Criteria
DBGS accepts children who have passed the entrance assessment.
Early Years and KS1 children must all attend a classroom observation as well as a written test at DBGS.
DBGS is able to offer EAL and Learning Support to children in KS1 and KS2.
We are not able to provide services for students who require more than minimal support.
DBGS does not accept new students directly into year 11 or 13 as these are part way through a 2-year course. We advise all students who are beginning a GCSE programme or A-levels with the school to begin at the start of Year 10 or Year 12.

5.3 Admissions Decisions and Notification. The DBGS admissions team will convey the final admissions decision to you by email, in May 2017. The decisions will include one of the following:

      1. Accepted
      2. Denied
      3. Waiting List

FAQ Admission - click here for details