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History at IGCSE

In the two year, IGCSE history course we follow the excellent Edexcel International course 4HIO.

This is an interesting modern history course that allows students to select areas of study from a wide range of options.

The course enables students to acquire knowledge and understanding of selected periods and aspects of history. Using historical sources we explore the significance of historical events, people, issues and changes. Through careful historic analysis we develop evidence based conclusions, make historical judgments and learn how to communicate our findings clearly.

Studying history helps develop and improve communication skills, handling of data and comprehension of complex texts. Students will improve their essay writing skills, learn aspects of multimedia production and improve their visual literacy.

We have to study a minimum of four topics. There is one externally assessed examination at the end of Year 11.

This year our Year 10 students have studied the following topics:

  • A world divided: superpower relations 1945-1962
  • Conflict, crisis and change: The Middle East, c1919-c1973
  • Development of dictatorship: Germany, 1918-1945

Other topics that could be studied include:

  • Development of a nation: Unification of Italy, 1852-1870
  • Development of a nation: Unification of Germany, 1848-1870
  • Development of dictatorship: Italy, 1918-1943
  • Russia: Autocracy and revolt, 1881-1914
  • Russia: Dictatorship and conflict, 1924-1953
  • A divided union. Civil rights in the USA, 1945-1974
  • A divided union. Depression and recovery in the USA, 1928-1945
  • A world divided: International relations between the wars, 1919-1939
  • The French Revolution, 1789-1794
  • The First World War, 1914-1918
  • Russia in Revolution, 1914-1924
  • The USA, 1917-1929
  • Colonial rule and the nationalist challenge in India, 1919-1947
  • The fall of communism in Europe, 1979-1991
  • Revolution and change in Europe, 1789-1848
  • The changing nature of warfare, 1803-1905
  • Changes in medicine, c1845-c1945
  • The changing role of international organisations: the League and the UN, 1919-2000
  • Conflict, crisis and change: China, c1934-c1989
  • Change in Africa from colonialism to independence, 1945-2000
  • The Changing Nature of Warfare, c1936-c2003

The syllabus for first examination in June 2014 will change slightly. There will be two examinations at the end of Year 11. Two units have been removed from the options - Depression and recovery in the USA, 1929-45 and Revolution and change in Europe, 1789-1948. Two modules have been extended - Conflict, crisis and change: the Middle East 1919-1995, Conflict, crisis and change, China, 1919-1989, Change in Africa from colonialism to independence, 1939-2000.

Notes for DBGS Students

A series of resources for DBGS students can be found on the expanded History GCSE Site.