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Physical Education

PE in Key Stage 3 - Overview

During key stage 3, pupils become more expert in their skills and techniques and learn how to apply them in different activities. They start to understand what makes an effective performance and how to apply these principles to their own and others' work. They learn to take the initiative and make decisions for themselves about what to do to improve performance. They start to identify the types of activity they prefer, and take a variety of roles, such as leader and official.

The programme of study identifies six areas of activity:

  1. Outwitting opponents
    • invasion games
    • net/wall games
    • striking/fielding games
    • combat activities
  2. Accurate replication
    • gymnastics
    • sequences of movement - drills
  3. Exploration and communicating ideas
    • sport dance
    • dance
  4. Performance at maximum levels in relation to speed, height, distance, strength or accuracy
    • athletics
  5. Identifying and solving problems
    • game tactics
    • outdoor activities
    • team building
  6. Exercising safely and effectively
    • fitness
    • circuit activities

Our aim for all of our pupils is to gain a life long enjoyment of sport and the knowledge needed to continue participation after they leave the school. Students will be evaluated on all programs of study using the National Curriculum levels (pdf copy here).

In order for the students to be successful, they need to be prepared for PE. To be prepared for PE, a student should have their PE uniform kit. The P.E Kit should include:

    1. DBGS sport shirt (which can be bought at the academy store)
    2. DBGS sport shorts (which can be bought at the academy store)
    3. A good pair of sport crosstrainers.
    4. Clean white socks.
    5. No jewelry, watches or hair barrettes should be worn to class.
    6. Students with long hair should always have it tied back as a safety issue.

The kit is set up so that all students can participate to their best ability without risk of injury or being uncomfortable. The kit should always be clean for each PE session.



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