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History in KS3

In Key Stage 3 students study key events that have shaped different societies in the past and how they continue to have an impact on our societies today. They learn to analyze information critically, detecting bias in the sources and appreciating events and facts in the context of the period and age they are studying. Students make connections with the past enabling them to appreciate the changing perspectives and understanding of freedom, power, gender biases, equality and social justice and development in different societies and periods.

We use a range of text books for different topics. These textbooks are used by many schools in the UK and give students an attractive, source based approach to history.

Some of the topics covered this year:

  • Medieval England
  • Islamic Civilization
  • Aztecs and the Spanish Conquistadors
  • The French Revolution
  • Black People of America
  • The First World War
  • Hitler and Stalin

Students have reenacted famous scenes like the Murder of St. Thomas Beckett, researched topics and created power points and displays, and engaged in L2L activities that have helped them to understand and enjoy the subject better.