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Art in KS3

Art in KS3 - Overview

During key stage 3 pupils develop their creativity and imagination through more sustained activities. These help them to build on and improve their practical and critical skills and to extend their knowledge and experience of materials, processes and practices.

They engage confidently with art, craft and design in the contemporary world and from different times and cultures. They become more independent in using the visual language to communicate their own ideas, feelings and meanings.

Year 7 through to year 9 have art once a week for one hour.

In Year 7, we study several separate projects emphasising the visual and tactile elements.

During Year 8 pupils start to work on projects and they like to work more independently. Projects such as ‘ropes and knots’ which is a design project. ‘Birds in flight’ is a 3D project.

In Year 9, pupils are spending longer on projects such as ‘viewpoints’ on abstract art or ‘masks’ which covers printmaking and modelling.





Art Gallery

  • Fun in Art 2013-2014. Gallery
  • Year 9 - Spray Painting Project. Gallery
  • June 2012 Art Exhibition. Gallery
  • May 25-26, 2013 Art Show. Gallery